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WorldTop100, Europe's Best Futurist
KRIS DE BRUYNE  presents A.I. , Ethics, Healthcare, Politics, Robotics, Science, Smart Cities, Space, Transhumanism, VR,...

About Kris de Bruyne - The Futurist

For every economicalethicalestheticallogisticalmedicaltechnical  problem... A SOLUTION !

Specialisationmanagement for companies/organizations

Kris works, from his place, for (the biggest) companies around the world... analysts follow his instructions and after his magic is done,
he gives new multi-level structured plans
to the (in-company) project managers for implentation,
to grow bigger & better. In his work, not only as a futurist, but as a full C-7-class consultant, he has to keep track of the newest inventions and technologies,
but also follow-up all new studies and researches. So he knows what is globally happening, in all directions...
and they know Kris to handle their business... from Nobel prize winners over astronauts to the superstars on your radio & TV.


As a project manager, I take care of the daily management of a (one-time) project, where we need to have a tangible result achieved within a certain period ... more


As a change manager I'll play a key role in ensuring projects (change initiatives) meet objectives on time and on budget by increasing employee adoption and usage ... more


As a futurist, it is my responsibility to predict the future as efficiently as possible.

Through my experience in translating patterns into concepts, your standards and processses will improve continuously
... more


As a business analyst, I'm mapping how an organization is working and how it is precisely structured.
support and advise the management regarding the improvement of the business processes
... more

Verberckmoes L., CEO: "This is somebody with passion and love for his profession, who can inspire others!" * Pietro Vasquez, International Business & IT Consultant: Kris is one of the founders of the future 'electronic cities', who understands that only technology doesn't make the cities smart! Thumbs up!! *  Paul Tang, Politician: Our friend does not say too much or too less... therefore when he speaks, everyone listens to his wise words. *  Simon Goldberg Investments: He's very well known for his knowledge of new R&D in science and industrial applications and their practical implications. *   Prakesh Patel: Mr. Kris is praised for his dedication and help in several technological and medical breakthrough projects all over the world... God bless! *  Oxford University: ... therefore Mr. De Bruyne plays a major role in the future ethical aspects of Artificial Intelligence and TransHumanism development.

Watch out for our new series of books

Soon available in your local bookstores and online!

Look into our projects... the next generations to come can live in a better world... Working with new technologies in a 'useful way', Reforming Education, New scenario's used against threats of terror and natural disasters, Future of Religion, Ethics to Artificial Intelligence and TransHumanism,...

NOW! Live webinars @ WEF in Davos, Swiss.
It's possible to see the interviews (live & recorded sessions) from 25th jan. 2018.
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Kris de Bruyne


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