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As a futurist, it is my responsibility to predict the future as efficiently as possible.

Through my experience in translating patterns into concepts, your standards and processses will improve continuously.

The knowledge gained during this process and my vision on the future will be actively shared with others, so that all noses point in the same direction, looking forward... striving united for the right purposes and goals.

Guesswork?   Gazing at a crystal ball?   YES and NO!

To predict the future and its possibilities will always remain partly conjecture, but it is supported by a solid background in controlling, risk management, scenario planning and not to forget a good dose of fantasy and creativity.

This allows me to think differently, broader, widely... to extend the known limits, that finally turn into great scope and potential for your project, problem, etc.

My most important tasks:

  • Partly responsible for optimum management of the planning processes.
  • Designing innovative systems and processes.
  • Translate future strategic goals into consequences for the present situation.
  • Requested and not requested advice in MT-meetings.
  • Develop and assess their own scenarios and ideas.
  • Establishing multi-year policy plans and related budgets and revenues.

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