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As a project manager, I take care of the daily management of a (one-time) project, where we need to have a tangible result achieved within a certain period.

I combine the following roles:

  • Designer: design the project's plan.

  • Controller:monitor whether the scheduled planning is met.

  • Speaker: chairing meetings and give presentations.

  • Coach: motivate people and give tips.

  • Expert: expert in the field of the project.

  • Risk manager: monitor risks & provide alternative solutions.


- A machine factory must produce a machine which doesn't fit in the normal production line.
- Administrative software needs to be redesigned and programmed.
- A clothing brand brings out a new catalog of their new collection.

Projects come in all sizes. From simple to highly complex, with dozens or hundreds of stakeholders.

The difference in working between project managers is that the stereotype project manager especially likes demarcated, well-defined projects.

While the ideal project manager is more flexible and also monitors whether the original objectives and parameters of the project are still valid.

A successful project is not always the project that reaches his pre-defined objectives. Because the market is changing rapidly, these objectives could already be outdated at the completion of that project.

The project that contributes to the
success of the company... is the real winner!

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